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Who knows the local prosecutors better than an attorney who used to be one? Hire an experienced criminal defense and personal injury lawyer who will use his knowledge of the local courts to your benefit.

Experienced And Reliable Criminal Defense Trial Attorney In Conway And The Surrounding Counties

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Criminal charges, even for a seemingly minor offense, have major ramifications for your life. What seems like a drunken mistake or a lapse in judgement suddenly can mean major fines, weeks or months in jail and serious long-term social issues. You need to take active steps now to protect your future. Waiting to work with an attorney puts your rights in jeopardy.

Mr. Richardson was a senior prosecutor for our area. Now, he works to defend the accused. When charged with a crime, you want the best outcome possible for your situation as soon as possible. Contact The Law Office of Brad C. Richardson, LLC, today for a free consultation about the legal options in your case. You will rest easier knowing you have an experienced attorney who can offer sound advice on whether to move forward with a trial or work toward a plea agreement.

When Vacation Turns Into A Risk Of Probation – Or Worse

You came to enjoy Myrtle Beach and now find yourself in a bad situation. You need the advice of a local criminal defense lawyer who knows how the courts in this area work. Our firm can help you understand which court dates are necessary to travel back for and those for which we can provide the representation you need.

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Whatever charges you face, you do not need to stand by quietly and accept the prosecution’s story. You can fight, and you can protect your right. Our team knows how to defend you.

To schedule a time to discuss criminal charges or a personal injury that has impacted your life, call The Law Office of Brad C. Richardson, LLC, at 843-773-2766. If you prefer, you also may send an email.

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