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Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic Violence Lawyer In South Carolina

A domestic violence conviction can negatively impact your career, your reputation and your family. Having a strong criminal defense attorney by your side is the best way to protect your future.

As a former senior prosecutor, Brad C. Richardson has over 20 years of experience navigating South Carolina’s criminal court system. He knows how the prosecution thinks and uses this knowledge to build a stronger defense strategy.

Domestic Violence Charges Are Not Always Valid

Mr. Richardson has represented many people who were wrongly accused of domestic violence. Many of them were working their way through contentious divorces. An angry ex-spouse may want to hurt you and take away your custody rights, and the ex knows that a domestic violence claim will do just that.

Sadly, this hurts everyone involved, and both you and the child will suffer as a result. This is why it is important to defend yourself. You’re not only speaking up for yourself, you’re also protecting your child. Mr. Richardson listens to you and your concerns. He then creates tailored defense strategies that are unique to your needs.

What Are The Possible Consequences Of A Conviction?

If convicted of domestic violence, the consequences can be serious. If charged with a misdemeanor, you are looking at 30 days in jail and a fine of up to $2,500. If it is a second offense, you are looking at a year behind bars and a $5,000 fine. A third offense is considered a felony, which means five years in jail.

Mr. Richardson utilizes his knowledge and experience to help you fight your criminal charges. He works tirelessly to defend his clients’ best interests and rights. This can make all the difference when your future is on the line.

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Spousal abuse is something that must be taken seriously. When the term is tossed around carelessly, it can be detrimental to your family. Put your trust in a caring yet aggressive criminal defense lawyer. This cannot wait.

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