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Traffic Violations

Traffic Violation Lawyer In Myrtle Beach, SC

When you pay a traffic ticket, you are pleading guilty. In addition to paying the fine, you are accumulating a record and points toward license suspension. Rather than going to court to give yourself up, you should at least talk to an attorney.

The Law Office of Brad C. Richardson, LLC, has successfully challenged traffic offenses to get them dismissed or reduced. We offer a free consultation to discuss what might be possible for your circumstances.

Can you fight it? One way to find out.
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It’s Never “Just A Traffic Ticket”

Our lawyer may be able to help you beat the charges or mitigate the consequences. Brad Richardson is a former prosecutor who knows how to find the holes or ask the right questions. It’s not “just a ticket” because of the long-term consequences for your license, your insurance rates and your criminal record. And some traffic offenses carry the possibility of jail time, traffic school, community service and other penalties.

We can help no matter the traffic violation you are facing:

How Can I Fight A Traffic Ticket If I’m Not From This Area?

It’s no secret that rental cars and out-of-state plates often get tagged tor traffic violations. For vacationers to Myrtle Beach, the inclination to back down from fighting a traffic ticket is strong. You’re from out of town and it feels daunting to navigate through the local courts in a place you don’t know. We can help people in your situation. We know which court dates are absolutely crucial for you to attend and when your attorney can make the appearance for you.

But even more important, our attorney is familiar with the judges and prosecutors here in Horry County and the surrounding counties, with experience going back to 2000. Our insights and good standing in those courts are critical when you are fighting a ticket or negotiating a favorable resolution.

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