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Case Results

Medical Malpractice - $4,100,000.00

The Law Office of Brad C. Richardson was able to obtain life-altering, confidential settlement on behalf of a family that was affected by negligent medical care.

Motor Vehicle Accident

The Law Office of Brad C. Richardson was able to obtain a settlement in the amount of $50,000.00 for a client injured while operating a moped. Both Client and driver of the other vehicle were listed as contributing to the accident; however, Brad Richardson was able to collect the full limits of other driver’s insurance policy, reduce the medical bills owed and provide a significant settlement amount to the client.

First Degree Burglary

Client was charged with First Degree Burglary and was facing a minimum sentence of Fifteen (15) years, no parole to Life imprisonment. Working with the client and the prosecution, clients charges are being reduced to Breach of Peace - a misdemeanor - for a time served sentence

Domestic Violence of a High and Aggravated Nature

Client ceased taking a prescribed medication without the knowledge of his doctor or spouse. As a result, Client suffered an episode, got into a confrontation with his wife and it got out of hand. Upon arrest but prior to my representation, Client provided a full confession. Client charged with Domestic Violence of a High and Aggravated Nature and Use of a Weapon during the Commission of a Violent Crime and faced Twenty (20) years with no parole. I worked with the client to develop a plan to put him in the best possible position. Client eventually was allowed ot plead to a greatly decreased charge and participate in a treatment program. Upon completion of the program, client’s charges will be re-opened and dismissed.

Discharging Firearms into a Dwelling and Failure to Stop

Client was charged numerous offenses that carried a combined total of up to Twenty-Nine (29) years. After fighting for over three (3) years and on the eve of trial, was able to obtain a dismissal from the State.

Armed Robbery

Client charged with armed robbery and strong armed robbery from two (2) separate events. State was prepared to call the case for trial after three (3) years. Until the eve of trial, the State only offered a sentence of seven (7) years. Was able to convince the State to allow Client to plead under the Youthful Offender Act and suspend the sentence on probation.

Drug Trafficking

Client charged with Trafficking in Schedule I Drugs - facing significant mandatory/ minimum sentence. Was able to get the charge reduced and the client sentenced under a Youthful Offender Sentence suspended on a 90 Day Shock incarceration Program. His conviction will be eligible to be expunged in a few years.

Client Charged With Murder – Acquitted On All Charges

Client charged with murder and obstruction of justice in December 2017. Client was tried along with three other co-defendants in February 2022. Client was acquitted on all charges after 2.5 weeks of trial and about 1.5 hours of jury deliberation. Client’s record is eligible for expungement.

Client Charged With Rape Fall Of 2021 – Charges Were Dismissed

Client charged with criminal sexual conduct (rape) while visiting Myrtle Beach in fall of 2021. After defense investigation and presentation to the prosecutor, all charges were dismissed. Client’s record is being expunged.

Two other clients, separately, charged with Sexually based crimes in 2021 and 2022, each client facing 20 years. Fought for each client’s rights and was able to get the charges dismissed and Clients records are being expunged.

Client Charged With Voluntary Manslaughter – Charges Dismissed

Client was charged with voluntary manslaughter and harboring dangerous animals in a dog mauling case. Charges were dismissed after a successful preliminary hearing.

Client Charged With Sexually Based Offense – Charges Dismissed

Client charged in the fall of 2021 with a sexually based offense in Georgetown County. Able to get the charge thrown out at preliminary hearing after many months of discussions and review of all evidence. Client’s record is being expunged.

Client And Family Injured In Motor Vehicle Accident – Won Full Insurance Limits

Client and her children injured in motor vehicle accident. I was hired in late March 2022, and at-fault insurance carrier tendered full policy limits by July 8, 2022.

Wrongful Death – Settlement Of $180,000

Retained in a Wrongful Death matter by father of pedestrian killed in a motor vehicle accident after unsuccessful representation by another firm with an offer of settlement of $20,000 – able to fight for the deceased and secure a settlement of approximately $180,000.

Client Charged With Possession With Intent To Distribute Marijuana – Charges Dismissed

Charges for possession of marijuana (6 pounds) with intent to distribute. Able to arrange for a plea to a conditional discharge, whereby the charge was eventually dismissed.

Drug Trafficking, Murder And Weapons Charges – Drug Charges Dismissed, Probationary Sentence

Client charged with multiple counts of drug trafficking, murder and weapons charges in 2018 facing life in prison. After exhaustive review of discovery materials and many discussions with the prosecution, all drug charges were dismissed and client pled to a two weapons charges in May 2020 and received probationary sentence.

Two Counts Of Murder – Client Acquitted

Client charged with two counts of murder and was facing a life sentence. After months of preparation client went to trial in November 2020. The State called numerous witnesses, including proffered co-defendants and expert witnesses. After six days of trial and nine hours of jury deliberations, my client was acquitted. Client was finally returned to his family after 27 months.

Assault, Attempted Murder – Client Gets Probation

Client was recorded on video shooting another man, admitted to the shooting and gave law enforcement the weapon used in the shooting. Charged with numerous offenses including attempted murder and assault and battery, first degree. Client faced a possible 100-year sentence. Allowed to plea to one count of assault and received a Youthful Offender Act sentence suspended to probation.

Violent Crime – Charges Reduced, Sentence Of Time Served

Client charged with kidnapping; criminal domestic violence, high and aggravated; and numerous other charges. Client faced a possible 108-year sentence. Able to get the charges reduced to assault and battery, second degree, and receive a sentence of time served.

Felony DUI – Client Sentenced To House Arrest

Client charged with felony DUI resulting in death. Bad facts with a high rate of speed and overwhelming evidence of guilt, so little choice but to plead. Client faced a possible 25-year prison sentence. Carefully worked the case and successfully argued to the court to allow client to serve a 30-month sentence on home detention – she did not have to go to prison.

Sexual Assault And Kidnapping – Case Dismissed

Client charged in the alleged kidnapping and gang rape of an individual. Took on the case approximately 14 months after client was charged. Started by getting client’s bond modified to remove a GPS monitor. Worked the case and was able to prove the state’s case was fatally flawed – case dismissed.

Driving Under The Influence (DUI) – Successful Results

Multiple clients charged with DUIs, wherein clients’ cases were either dismissed or clients were allowed to plead to lesser charges with dismissals of their DUIs.

Drug Charges – Successful Results

Many clients charged with drug offenses, including distribution, wherein the charges were either reduced or dismissed. One client facing 15 years in prison was allowed to plead to a misdemeanor charge (30 days) with a sentence of time served.

Sentencing Alternatives

Often, a criminal conviction is not the answer. In many instances, I have been able to convince the prosecutor or court to allow clients to enter into diversion programs instead of receiving a criminal record.

Wrongful Death

I secured a $425,000 settlement for a family who filed a wrongful death claim.