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Marion Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Marion Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

A domestic violence charge can put your reputation on the line. It can push away family, friends, and neighbors, even when the accusations against you are false.

After examining evidence found in a police investigation, a prosecutor may decide to bring domestic violence charges against you. To convict you, the state needs to have enough evidence to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

As a former prosecutor, Attorney Brad C. Richardson understands how prosecutors think. In hiring the Law Office of Brad C. Richardson, LLC, you are putting your trust into the hands of an attorney who has obtained hundreds of acquittals for his clients.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is causing physical harm, threatening to cause physical harm, or attempting to cause physical harm to a household member. It can range from a superficial cut to physical abuse.

For an act to be considered domestic violence, it must be committed against a household member. South Carolina law defines two people as being household members if the persons:

What Elements Must a Prosecutor Prove to Convict You?

To be considered domestic violence, the act must take place between two household members, and you must have injured, attempted to injure, or threatened to injure the victim.

The prosecution has the burden of proving a defendant’s guilt. Beyond a reasonable doubt is the highest standard of proof, requiring that the state present enough evidence to prove your guilt. For the jury to reach a guilty verdict, the jurors must agree that the only reasonable explanation for the facts presented is that you committed the crime.

Physical Signs of Injury

A victim does not need to present with physical injuries for a person to be charged with domestic violence. The only requirement is that the defendant threatened to harm the victim.


A domestic violence charge can carry significant jail time and hefty fines. This will all depend on the severity of your crime and your past criminal history.

Domestic Violence of a High and Aggravated Nature (DVHAN)

Domestic Violence in the First Degree

Domestic Violence in the Second Degree

Domestic Violence in the Third Degree

Defending Domestic Violence Charges

When you are facing imprisonment, you want an attorney who has over 20 years of experience helping clients who have dealt with the same circumstances. Attorney Brad C. Richardson has ample experience defending clients in domestic violence and restraining order cases with great success.

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