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What is a Diversion Program?

A criminal conviction can have far-reaching consequences on your life, including losing job opportunities, your right to vote and own a firearm, and many others. Fortunately, South Carolina offers diversion programs, which are alternatives to traditional prosecution. These programs are typically available for first-time offenders and minor nonviolent crimes. Diversion programs aim to primarily rehabilitate offenders instead of imposing harsh penalties on them to minimize their chances of reoffending.

What Diversion Programs Does South Carolina Offer?

Diversion programs in South Carolina come in various forms, and each is tailored to the specific circumstances of the offender, the age of the offender, and the nature of the crime. Participating in a diversion program will not be considered a plea or an admission of your guilt. Depending on the program, entrance may be voluntary or require a referral from the court.

Your active criminal case will remain pending while you are participating in the program. The charges against you will only be dismissed and expunged (under certain circumstances) after you successfully complete the diversion program. Common examples of diversion programs in SC include the following:

Other diversion programs offered in SC include:

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Diversion programs in SC can be a viable option to avoid getting convicted of a crime. However, the application and eligibility requirements can be complex. It is also crucial to note that you will face harsher penalties if you violate any of the rules of the diversion program. Horry County we also have three levels of Treatment Court, that if successfully completed can result in the conviction being reopened and dismissed.

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