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What if an Alleged Abuser Violates a Restraining Order

When an alleged victim has a restraining order, order of protection or conditions of bond prohibiting contact against an alleged abuser, that person relies upon it to help keep him or her safe from additional abuse or perceived abuse, which means it fills a very important role in that person’s life. If the person named in the restraining order has violated the terms included, it can leave you feeling violated as well. All it takes is for the alleged victim to make an allegation of a violation and an investigation can begin.  If you’re the subject of a restraining order, knowing your rights is key, and an experienced South Carolina criminal defense attorney can help.

The Terms of the Restraining Order

A restraining order or Order of Protection will specifically state what the other party is not allowed to do, and if they exceed the stated limitations – whether intentionally or unintentionally – they can face a restraining order violation.  Additionally, sometimes there are conditions of bond that prohibit contact with the alleged victim. Common prohibitions include:

Temporary restraining orders, which are often issued in immediate response to domestic violence calls – when the accused may not be present – are generally in effect for 15 days. Final restraining orders, on the other hand, can be issued for from six months to a year, and they can also be extended.

If the party named in your restraining order violates the conditions, it’s a criminal offense for which legal action can be taken. While the fines and penalties for violating a restraining order vary according to the involved circumstances, the basics include the following:

Violations of the “no-contact” provisions of a bond can result in the bond being revoked and the alleged abuser remaining incarcerated until his or her charges have been resolved.

The social consequences of such charges, because they are a matter of public record, can also be harsh – with the potential of negatively affecting all the following:

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