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Fighting False Allegations

Alleged Sex crimes often don’t have eyewitnesses – other than the man and woman involved – to back up either side’s telling of the events, which means they often come down to “he-said, she-said” charges. Sometimes, all it takes is an alleged victim maing an allegation and the sex crimes investigator starts looking through only the lens of the victim and fails to ask the right questions. Too often, people are charged and arrested with little to no physical evidence and little to no examination of the actual allegations.  As such, defending yourself against an alleged sex crime can be exceptionally challenging, which makes having an experienced South Carolina sex crime defense attorney squarely in your corner the best course of action.

Emotions Run High

Accusations related to sex crimes are often tied up with raw emotions that tend to amplify matters and can make getting to the truth that much more difficult. Proving you didn’t do something can be far more problematic than proving you did. This means that many sex crime cases come down to the evidence, which is often ambiguous – especially if your defense hinges on the act being consensual – and to the credibility of the two parties. Under such circumstances, there are two primary steps you can – and should – take to help ensure a favorable case resolution that upholds your legal rights.

Step One: Remain Calm

If the police have been called in response to an alleged case of domestic violence or sexual assault, there is very little doubt that the situation has escalated beyond the bounds of normal. This goes with the territory, but there is one thing you can do to help reign things in, and that is to remain calm. Getting excited and spouting off in your own defense will only heighten tensions and won’t do anything to highlight your credibility in the matter.  Do not engage with law enforcement – you have the right to remain silent so USE THAT RIGHT.  Too often what is said by a suspect is taken out of context and used against that suspect.  The police are allowed to lie and DO NOT have to tell you everything they know. What you have said can and will be used against you.

Successfully defending yourself in the face of a false or misguided accusation is generally a long process that requires you to toe the line and demonstrate your ability not to blow up under stress, which will serve you well in the long run. If the charge has any staying power, you’re going to need to bring your strongest defense, and that begins with keeping your head and conducting yourself in a manner that is in keeping with your professed innocence. Leave the battle to your dedicated sex crime defense attorney.

Step Two: Consult with a Practiced Sex Crime Defense Attorney

If you are under investigation or if you’ve been charged, it’s time to consult with a formidable attorney who has considerable experience successfully guiding challenging he-said, she-said cases toward optimal outcomes. Your attorney will ably take on all the following on your behalf:

An Experienced South Carolina Sex Crime Defense Attorney Is Standing by to Help

The determined South Carolina sex crime attorneys at The Law Office of Brad C. Richardson appreciate how important the outcome of your case is to your future and are committed to zealously advocating for its best possible resolution. Brad Richardson has both successfully prosecuted and defended numerous sex crime allegations.To learn more, don’t wait to contact us online or call us at 843-488-4321 today.