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Myrtle Beach police have crime fighting plans for tourist season

Myrtle Beach is known to be a high-traffic tourist destination. This is beneficial to the town and South Carolina in general. However, there is no debating that the more people come from different areas, states and countries, the bigger the chance for criminal activity to occur.

With that, law enforcement is actively trying to lower the chance of crimes happening. They are also increasingly aggressive in trying to prevent crimes. It can also lead to people being caught up in cases where they have done nothing wrong. Or they might be overcharged for lesser violations. No matter what, it is always important to have professional assistance to address any criminal allegations and avoid the worst consequences.

Myrtle Beach police will increase their “flushing” strategy

Law enforcement is set on using a tactic known as “flushing” on Ocean Boulevard, the busy strip in Myrtle Beach. The objective is to address growing crowds as the summer season approaches. This started after a mid-April shooting incident. It is using it over weekends and the plan is to continue in the coming weeks.

Businesses have their concerns about it as it is reducing foot traffic and limiting their opportunities to sell their goods and services. According to law enforcement, it will lower the amount of congestion and allow them to more rapidly respond when they are needed.

Some business owners lament how people come to the area to take a vacation and then find themselves in trouble with the law with many placed on probation. Since the area is a tourist hotspot, crimes do occur. Others say that if law enforcement had more foot patrols, that would be more effective and would not harm local businesses.

This is part of a potential crackdown on crime including drugs and weapons. Traffic violations, public drunkenness and disturbing the peace are also common reasons for which people find themselves under arrest. Then there is marijuana which, despite being legal in many states across the nation, remains illegal in South Carolina.

When there is an arrest for any reason, a criminal defense is imperative

For people arrested for a crime whether it is due to drugs, guns, theft, fighting, drunk driving, a sex crime or any other accusation, a criminal defense can mean the difference between conviction and acquittal. There may be opportunities to reduce the charges and, as the business owner mentioned, receive probation.

Contacting a professional who understands how prosecutors pursue cases from having served in the role, knows the area and is the right representative for the moment can be crucial to having a positive outcome. Calling immediately after the arrest is key and can help with moving forward with an effective criminal defense.