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Myrtle Beach traffic checkpoint nets arrest and tickets

South Carolina police often set up checkpoints to make arrests for drunk driving, drug possession, trafficking and more.

Recent checkpoint activity

According to a local newspaper, a recent traffic checkpoint netted police many tickets and several arrests. The news report claimed that this checkpoint resulted in over 40 tickets with various violations, including DUI and drug offenses.

Vehicles were stopped and searched, with one man allegedly being arrested and taken into police custody.

Potential DUI consequences

In South Carolina, penalties for DUI vary based on the driver’s number of prior convictions. Potential fines and incarceration times get progressively worse.

You could also lose your license, get mandated community service and more for a DUI conviction after a DUI charge.

South Carolina is an implied consent state. This means that you give consent to be tested for alcohol by utilizing the state’s roadways, which also means that by simply refusing a breathalyzer, there are automatic consequences.

This is a simple breakdown of DUI penalties. But, other convictions, like for drug possession or trafficking, hold different consequences under state law. Plus, charges can compound and be combined.

Final thoughts

While checkpoints may be legal in South Carolina, you are still endowed with rights. You do not have to answer questions, and if you are arrested under suspicion of any crime, such as a DUI or drug offense, request a lawyer.

Remember, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty, and it is understandable that these charges fill your mind with many horrible “what if” scenarios. But, even if you made a mistake, you deserve a defense against law enforcement.