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Traveling to Myrtle Beach with pot

Marijuana is having a moment. In the majority of states in the United States, pot is legal in some way, whether it is for medical, recreational or both. However, South Carolina is not one of them.

Still, some spring breakers may think Myrtle Beach is a bit more lax with its annual tourists.

Even if you fly from a state where pot is legal, it is not legal to fly with it. This is because marijuana is illegal under federal law, and federal law controls air travel.

Even if Transportation Security Administration officers do not find the pot, when you land in South Carolina, you are immediately breaking the law and subject to drug charges for possession and maybe, trafficking.

What happens if the TSA finds it?

If you are traveling from a state where pot is legal, and a TSA officer finds your pot, they will not let you fly with it. Because it is legal locally, but not federally, they will make you throw the weed away.

Conversely, if pot is found on you at a South Carolina airport, the result will be much different. TSA will likely confiscate the marijuana, and then call the airport or local police to report the find. They will then either ticket you for the marijuana or arrest you on drug charges, depending on the amount found on your person or in your bags.

What about TSA charges?

TSA officers are not police officers and they do not enforce laws generally, especially drug laws. Indeed, TSA dogs are not even trained to sniff out drugs, like other law enforcement dogs. This is because they are not empowered to enforce criminal laws. Though, they will make referrals to law enforcement agencies.

Drug charges

For tourists, or residents in South Carolina, remember, marijuana is illegal regardless of the reason you use it. And, if you are caught with it, you could face drug charges and if so, it is advisable to contact a criminal defense attorney.