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Local college quarterback faces assault charges against woman

There are many colleges in South Carolina and with that, there will likely be student activities, events and parties. In some cases, there are accusations that young people trying to have a good time went too far and led to criminal activity. This can involve alcohol, drugs, assaults and more.

Since criminal cases can have a far-reaching impact on a young person’s life with their freedom at stake, status in school threatened and financial aid potentially revoked, it is important to understand how to forge a defense. This is true regardless of their extent and severity.

Coastal Carolina quarterback accused of assaulting woman

Coastal Carolina, located in Conway, is a prominent university in the state. With the number of students who attend the school, it is not uncommon for there to be incidents in which people are accused of wrongdoing and law enforcement gets involved. Some students are relatively well-known due to their participation in athletics. One was recently arrested after he was said to have slammed a woman to the ground.

The student, 23, is the backup quarterback on the football team. According to the woman’s complaint, he was pursuing the woman for a romantic relationship and was rebuffed. The accuser claims he then slammed her on the ground. This happened at a party. She later said she suffered swelling to her head as well as other injuries. He claims he was not at the party. The football team has suspended him as it investigates what happened.

College students need a tailored defense to any criminal charge

It is not uncommon for there to be disagreements that escalate in college. Students are also prone to getting involved in mischief that could be misconstrued or result in others being injured. Because they are just starting out in their adult lives, a criminal charge and conviction can be highly problematic as they set out to graduate and enter the workforce.

For those who are involved in athletics and may want to pursue that as a career or are trying to use their skills to help them complete their degree, a criminal accusation can put their education in jeopardy. Cases in which there are accusations of violence can be a negative mark on a person’s record. It is important to understand the options for a criminal defense and consult with professionals who are experienced in assisting college students with their legal concerns.