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A person’s online activity can land them in prison

Visitors to and residents of Horry County probably spend a fair amount of time online Whether for business or pleasure, most Internet activity is perfectly legal.

However, like other states and the federal government, South Carolina has outlawed child pornography and certain other types of online sexual activity.

South Carolina authorities will severely punish those with child pornography

Even if a person is not directly involved in producing child pornography, the penalties for being involved in it are serious.

If a person has even one image of what is legally child pornography on their computer, they face up to five years in prison. Additionally, they may wind up with a felony conviction on their record.

It is also quite easy to face a higher level charge. For example, if a person shares an image of child pornography online, even for no money, they must serve at least 2 years in prison without the possibility of parole. They may have to serve up to 5 years in prison.

It is also important for residents to remember that each image of child pornography can be a separate offense with a separate penalty.

The criminal penalties aside, a felony conviction related to child pornography can also make it very difficult for a person to find a job. There can be other long-term professional and personal consequences as well.

Other online behavior can also lead to time in jail

** South Carolina authorities may also push forward with felony sex crime charges for other online behavior as well. Before they can do so; however, they must find evidence of the alleged crime.

Whether they are residents of the Conway or Myrtle Beach areas or are just visiting, someone facing accusations of illegal online activity of a sexual nature will want to understand their rights and all of their options.

The penalties for these types of offenses are serious, so it is important to make sure that the police and prosecutors have legally obtained all of their evidence. Other defenses may be available as well.