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A criminal conviction can ruin a college student’s future

When facing criminal allegations in South Carolina, there are a series of problems that will come to the forefront and must be considered when preparing a defense. Depending on the charges, there can be jail time, fines, loss of driving privileges and more. For college students, the mere reality that they were essentially just starting out in their adult life and are trying to gain an education to advance, find stable employment and prepare for the future adds to the worry they will feel when they are arrested. Creating a comprehensive defense can be key to reaching a positive result in the case.

Is federal student aid available for the incarcerated?

One challenging issue that can come up is having a criminal conviction and losing financial aid because of it. There are certain rules for federal student aid and being convicted of a crime and incarcerated can cause challenges. While a person is incarcerated in an adult or juvenile facility, they have limited ability to receive financial aid. They cannot receive federal student loans and Pell grants hinge on where the person is incarcerated. After the person either completes their sentence or is granted parole, they generally can get federal student aid again. It does depend on the crime for which the person was convicted. Recent changes mean students may be able to get federal student aid after certain drug charges.

Criminal charges can impact students and prospective students in other ways

Even if the financial aid issue is not a primary concern, college students should still be cognizant of how a criminal conviction can negatively affect their college life. Some schools could hold it against a prospective student if they have a conviction in their past. For competitive schools, this could mean the difference between acceptance and rejection. Understandably, many college students will use marijuana and drink underage. Although this is known, that does not mean they will not face consequences if they are investigated and placed under arrest.

College students should think about qualified, local assistance for their case

Those who are trying to advance in life with a college degree, are thinking about their future and are facing the possibility that a criminal charge can hinder their goals should be aware of what steps are available. This is true whether the charges allege driving under the influence, possession, selling drugs or something else.

Before thinking that the charges will sabotage an entire college career and the ability to get financial assistance in paying for it, it is important to think about a viable criminal defense. There are myriad options available like a plea bargain, having the charges reduced or assessing the case to see if an acquittal is possible. Whether it is in Myrtle Beach, Conway or Marion, having qualified help is imperative and should be known from the outset.