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Fighting drug crime charges in South Carolina

Drug crime charges are extremely common in America, including in South Carolina. Every day law enforcement officials throughout the state make arrests based on drug possession, trafficking, distribution or even manufacturing. If you have been arrested and charged with a drug crime in South Carolina, you need to remember this important point: an arrest is not the same as a conviction.

Although thousands of people are arrested on drug charges in South Carolina every year, that doesn’t mean that every case proceeds all the way to a conviction. In fact, some are dismissed while other defendants may get a “not guilty” verdict at a bench or jury trial. Yes, being arrested and charged with a drug crime is bad enough, but a conviction is much worse. A drug crime conviction can stay with you for life, limiting not only your short-term options, but long-term options as well.

Taking these charges seriously

Even if you are facing a “simple” drug possession charge, these charges need to be taken seriously in South Carolina. Prosecutors will not be “lenient” no matter the circumstances. They will be aggressive in pursuing a conviction, so you need to be equally aggressive in planning your defense strategy.

At our law firm, we do our best to help people who are facing drug crime charges in South Carolina. Remember the maxim of “innocent until proven guilty” and consider your chances of making the prosecution prove every element of the charge you face. For more information about how we might be able to help with your defense case, please visit the drug crime overview section of our law firm’s website.