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What college students and their parents should know about assault charges

College is a great experience for many young people, and often is the first opportunity that new adults are able to experience the independence of living apart from their families. During their college years, students may explore areas of study to refine their life plans and career goals. They may also build their social skills, form relationships, and interact with people they do not know.

Unfortunately, not every interaction experienced by college students is positive and some interactions result in allegations of wrongdoing or even criminal conduct. For example, claims of assault may be lodged against young people who are allegedly involved in altercations with others in social or academic settings.

What is assault?

There are many categories of assault defined under South Carolina law. Assault by mob, aggravated assault, and varying degrees of assault exist as crimes. However, assault in the first degree includes the commission of an injury during an act that includes:

Assault in the first degree can also occur in other ways, and individuals facing assault charges can discuss the facts of their cases with their trusted criminal defense lawyers.

Why criminal defense matters

College students have their whole lives ahead of them, and charges like assault can be serious barriers to their futures. For example, a conviction on assault in the first degree can result in a felony conviction and a lengthy prison sentence. It can impact the student’s future job opportunities and reputation. Overcoming an assault charge is possible, and legal professionals who work in the criminal defense field are positioned to offer guidance and support for those caught in the criminal justice system.