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Preparing a strong defense when charged with a drug crime

Each year thousands of South Carolina residents, as well as visitors to South Carolina, are charged with crimes. And, despite changing laws in many states, drug crimes are still one of the most common criminal charges for a person to face. If you have been arrested and charged with a drug crime, your freedom could hinge on your ability to quickly and thoroughly prepare a strong defense strategy.

An arrest is not a conviction

It is common for a person who has been arrested to start to panic about the situation, especially if it is the first time that person has ever been arrested. These days, media coverage and society in general tend to treat an arrest the same as a conviction. But, that certainly is not the case. You may have been arrested, but you are likely a long way from being convicted for the crime you have been charged with – and you may be able to avoid a conviction altogether.

A strong defense strategy may begin with asking some important questions about the circumstances of your arrest, such as: If there was a traffic stop, was that stop justified? If there was a search of your property, was there a valid warrant? If you are charged with possession, were the drugs in question actually, clearly in your possession?

Anyone who comes into contact with law enforcement officials should remember that they have constitutional rights that must be protected. At our law firm, we do our best to help our clients protect their rights and craft a defense strategy. For more information, please visit the drug crimes overview section of our law firm’s website.