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Suppression and diversion in drug possession cases

Drug possession charges can have serious implications for your future. While these drug charges might result in jail or even prison time, especially if you’re convicted of drug trafficking, they can also threaten to destroy your reputation, make it hard for you to obtain a job and housing, and, if your younger, potentially preclude you from securing financial aid for college. As stressful as it can be to confront these potential penalties, you might have some options at your disposal that could help put your mind at ease and protect your future.

Evidence suppression

One powerful criminal defense option that may be available to you is evidence suppression. There are many ways to suppress evidence, but the most frequently used way is by arguing that evidence was seized either subsequent to an illegal traffic stop or as part of an otherwise illegal warrantless search. Law enforcement is required to follow the law when it comes to stopping and searching your or your vehicle. When law enforcement doesn’t follow the law, then any subsequently gathered evidence may be considered tainted and therefore inadmissible against you. Therefore, you might want to carefully analyze the facts of your case to see if you have a strong argument for suppression of otherwise damaging evidence.

Diversion programs

Depending on the type of drug charges that you’re facing, you might be able to get your charges dismissed by participating in a diversion program. You have to meet certain qualifications to participate in these programs and then engage in some sort of substance abuse treatment and education program. You might have to submit to drug screens, too. However, upon successful completion of the program, your charges might be dropped. If you don’t complete the program successfully, then the prosecution can move forward with its case.

Know your defense options

Even when the evidence seems overwhelmingly stacked against you, you might have strong criminal defense options. The first step of aggressively fighting the charges that you’re facing is simply knowing those options and then working to build legal arguments to support your position. If that sounds daunting, don’t worry. Experienced criminal defense teams like ours stand ready to assist.