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Facing the aftermath of a drunk driving arrest

Drunk driving arrests are probably some of the most common types of arrests that occur in South Carolina – and, indeed, throughout the country. Each year thousands of people in our state will face what seems like a lack of options in the aftermath of a drunk driving arrest. However, our readers should know that they have the opportunity to craft a criminal defense strategy that may lead to a better result than they originally thought was possible.

Crafting your strategy

Drunk driving arrests commonly occur as a result of “routine” traffic stops – as in, stops that are originally for other purposes, such as allegations of speeding, illegal lane changes or even failure to use a turn signal, for example. The interaction between the law enforcement official and the driver will typically lead the officer to believe that intoxication may be a factor. That is when sobriety tests are usually the next step.

If a driver fails a sobriety test for any reason, an arrest might be likely. Or, if a driver fails or refuses a breathalyzer test, an arrest will likely occur. Getting hauled off to jail can obviously be disconcerting. But, the individuals who begin to focus on how to craft their criminal defense strategy as soon as possible after the arrest may be in a good position to fight the charges.

Constitutional rights are always a factor in arrests. And, the reason for your traffic stop must have been valid. Sobriety tests must be conducted appropriately, and breathalyzers must be correctly calibrated. At our law firm, we work with our clients to examine every aspect of an arrest. For more information about how we work with South Carolina residents who are facing the aftermath of a drunk driving arrest, please visit our website.